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To appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) the sentence of the national court that decided your defeat You can appeal to the ECHR to request the reopening of the trial you lost and to seek compensation for the damage you suffered to request the reopening of the process you have lost and to request compensation for the damage suffered


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To obtain gender change (MtF or FtM), name change, and, if you wish, surgical clearance It will be our law firm that will follow your case all the way through the court process to the final judgment

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Gender change in Italy

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Fran Cameli

United Kingdom

Excellent Lawyer, prepared, and very kind and helpful person. Despite residing abroad, and having to deal with a case that is not his "standard" he followed me throughout the process and knew absolutely what to do and how to extricate himself from the various technicalities, unlike other lawyers previously consulted.
Consigliato al 100%

Sabrina Cavallari


I mom Sabrina and Emanuele can only say THANK YOU to the lawyer, he completed the gender change case
with competence and efficiency, he followed all the steps in this long and difficult journey step by step, even though we were in Genoa and here, unlike in Milan, the procedures are a little less streamlined. He was able to answer all our doubts and perplexities with clear and quick answers.
More than positive review because it is truly deserved.
Next week Emanuele will have his new Identity Card, the longed-for goal has finally arrived. Thanks thanks thanks.


Daniele Gioia


Excellent experience, a Professional Lawyer, Available, even in long-distance relationships I will never stop thanking him!

Leila Alessia


Very good and available.
From acceptance to sentence: 4 months.
Soon I will have my new life.

Marco Morreale


Throughout the period in which he dealt with my case, the lawyer. Piemonte has always been kind, professional and quick to do whatever he had to do. He and his collaborators followed me from start to finish for all the documentation, the hearing and all the steps to take after having received the sentence and they also reassured me when the Italian bureaucracy was taking its well-known times biblical. I am really very satisfied and would recommend it to everyone

Rosana Bignami


The lawyer Gianluca Piemonte is a serious, excellent and suitable professional. I'm in Brazil and from a distance he always assisted me quickly and did his job exceptionally. He provided all the information and explanations regarding the procedures always in a friendly, respectful and clear way. I must also add that he is a reliable person who does his job competently.

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