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The Italian lawyer Gianluca Piemonte was born in Catania in 1983.

He graduated in law from the University of Catania with the highest grade. After graduating, he studied to become a judge, writing a thesis on the “Principle of non-contestation in jurisprudential evolution”.

In 2014, he founded Studio Piemonte for legal advice and defense in Italy.

The Italian lawyer Gianluca Piemonte is among the few Italian lawyers to specialize in the legal process for gender transition. Over the years he has managed to obtain several sentences, from different Italian courts, which have broadened the rights in the gender transition and speeded up the length of the trial.

The lawyer Gianluca Piemonte deals with requests to the Prefecture for the request for a change of name and surname

On the international level, the lawyer Gianluca Piemonte specializes in appeals to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (France), i.e. in the so-called ECHR appeals. The defense activity of the ECtHR is addressed both directly to clients and to fellow lawyers from all over Europe who request collaboration, as they do not specialize in ECHR appeals. Legal assistance for appeals to the European Court concerns matters of civil, criminal, administrative and tax law.

The lawyer Gianluca Piemonte deals with real estate law in Italy, for legal advice and defense against Italians residing abroad. With the collaboration of notary firms and lawyers in every region, he provides assistance throughout Italy.

He acts as legal advisor for companies based in Moscow (Russia).

For Studio Piemonte he is managing partner on information technology, startup, Hi-Tech, Cryptocurrency.

The lawyer Gianluca Piemonte is cited in various sector magazines on cases at the European Court and in the gender change procedure. Among others he is mentioned by GQ in the documentary “In my name” presented at the Berlin Film Festival, by the producer of “Sacro GRA”, Golden Lion for best film in 2013.

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