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Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

To challenge the final sentence before the European Court. Over 10 years of experience and hundreds of "appeals to the ECHR" presented to protect European citizens

Gender change

To receive specialized legal support in the gender change process (MtF and FtM), so as to be able to change name and gender on Italian documents. Over 3,000 cases followed in all courts in Italy (with a 100% win rate)

Name and surname change

We will write the legal reasons for the request to be presented to the Italian Consulate to change your name or change your surname. Over 3,000 written instances

Real Estate in Italy

To receive legal support in Italian real estate law, to buy a house in Italy


To receive legal support for cryptocurrency exchange and transactions, exchange operations in Minsk High Tech Park and smart contracts

Adult adoption

To receive procedural legal assistance in any competent Italian Court throughout the legal process of adopting an adult

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