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Gianluca Piemonte

Lawyer - Founder

Gianluca is an Italian lawyer and founder of Studio Piemonte.

In Italy he specializes in the legal process for gender transition in the case of gender dysphoria.

He also deals with applications to the Prefecture for the request for a change of name and surname in Italy.

On the international level, Gianluca specializes in appeals to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (In civil, criminal, administrative matters).

Gianluca is a lawyer who deals with legal and procedural assistance in real estate law in Italy, especially for Italians residing abroad.


Dario Murgo


Dario deals with consultancy and litigation in Italy in the field of civil law, European Union law and international law.

He gained his professionalism in law firms specialized in contractual liability and Italian banking law.

Dario has experience in tax litigation and debt recovery.


Elisa Licciano


Elisa is involved in consulting and litigation in Italy on civil and European Union law.

Graduated from the University of Milan, she has experience in family law.

Elisa has matured her professionalism in contractual responsibility and in real estate procedures.


Valeriya Zhigulich


Valeriya deals with business law, business development and legal advice in relations between Italy and the UEE countries (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan).

Associate Professor at the State University in Belarus.

Valeriya has experience in real estate, corporate law, commercial law, joint venture, intellectual property, investment, international trade.


Alessandra Scaffidi


Alessandra specializes in consultancy and litigation in Italy in the field of civil law and European Union law concerning personal rights.

She has collaborated with the Italian legal journal “Salvis Juribus” and “Il Sistema del Diritto Penale – Dike giuridica.”

Alessandra has gained experience through advanced legal training courses.


Massimiliano Contessotto

marketing specialist

Massimiliano deals with digital marketing and consultancy for Google search.

Recently, he also works as a Google Ads teacher.

Massimiliano has gained his experience both in national contexts and abroad.

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